Why Do Other Biomed Companies Claim to Have A Big Footprint When They Really Don’t?

Why Do Other Biomed Companies Claim to Have A Big Footprint When They Really Don’t?

When founded, Edge Biomedical aspired to have a national footprint of top-notch biomedical technicians. While there are some companies that claim to have a national network of technicians, it simply isn’t true. Cobbling together a bunch of technicians on a website doesn’t pass the sniff test. Some of the biomeds are, no doubt, highly skilled and loved by customers. However, that is not always the case. Edge is the preferred field service provider for companies like Midmark, UMF, SciCan and others, and we hear about the inconsistencies of using a “network” of biomeds that serve the customer with different levels of professionalism. Some are good, some are not, but ALL are different. As one of our larger customers shared with us, “ variation is the enemy of quality and compliance.”

As a pioneer in the biomedical field, Edge embraces being different…as long as it is “different good.” For national healthcare companies that have sites in several cities, states and regions, there is an importance to being consistent. That is where Edge comes in. Here are a few “consistent” things that make Edge “different good.”

  • eBioTrack- no other company has an asset management software platform that offers a company officer their own log-in to a cloud-based program that is accessible 24/7. NO ONE!
  • All Edge technicians are EMPLOYEES of Edge, covered by Edge’s robust, BIOMED-SPECIFIC liability policy. Don’t believe this is important? Ask for our policy, then ask for your current provider’s.
  • Edge protocols are specific, rehearsed and mandatory. How we interact with the customer, service equipment and assist in compliance are all pillars of our offering. You will not find this elsewhere.
  • Edge does NOT sell equipment . Our goal is to be your partner for life, by giving you sound advice and direction regarding the medical equipment you have invested so much in.

Edge is building relationships for life. We don’t want a provider’s business one time. We hope to win that business forever by being an indispensable partner that providers can rely on. Take a look at our footprint of actual Edge employees here: www.edgebiomed.com/locations.

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