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Edge Biomedical’s team of professionals has over 175 years of experience in the biomedical field. We use our experience and proprietary tools, such as eBioTrack, to assist you in managing your equipment and staff. All our efforts and culture focus on serving our customers for life.

Many companies claim superior customer service and give lip service to customers “getting what they want.” At Edge, we live this focus on the customer. Biomedical service is often an afterthought, and usually is associated with a problem or inconvenience. That is why we started Edge Biomedical…to solve problems. Your “problem” is why we have a job, and we are grateful for the opportunity to solve it. If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied with your Edge Experience, please contact our President and Founder, Matthew Spencer. No joke. Try us. You won’t regret it.


Our current team has over 100 years of experience in the medical service industry.

Matthew Spencer
Matthew started Dixie (DXE) Medical, a medical equipment sales and service company, in 1999. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Dixie Medical grew to $25 million in annual sales with over 30 employees...
Sandi Bronte
Director of Operations
Sandi has 20 years of experience in Operations across diverse markets including Medical Devices, Software and Services. Her experience includes customer service and retention, project management and software...
Ryan Rose
Ryan has 15 years of experience in sales and sales leadership. He has been in the medical equipment field, both in hospital and out of hospital for the past 6 years. Focusing on the customer has contributed to success at every level.
Wendy Argueta
Biomedical Technician
Wendy was born and raised in Indiana.  She has over 10 years of experience in the biomedical field.  She has worked for Indiana University Health and Eli Lilly and Company.  She is factory trained on several devices and loves the continuous learning aspect...
Tommy Nicholson
Director of National Accounts
Tommy started his career at PSS and has 18 years high level national medical center experience. Tommy was promoted to National Biomedical Service Department Team Leader while at McKesson Medical.
Jonathan Rasch
Biomedical Technician
Jonathan grew up all across the United States in a Military family. After high school, he attended the University of South Florida to begin working on a Vocal Performance degree. In 2010 Jonathan joined the Georgia National Guard as a Combat Medic...
Joey Thepthongsay
Biomedical Technician
A Nashville graduate of Forttis Technical Institute with a degree in Biomedical Technology / IT Technologies, Joey Thepthongsay has furthered his skillset with several OEM certifications such as Allied Healthcare (LSP Product line), Carefusion...
Percy Davila
Biomedical Technician
Percy Davila was born and raised in Los Angeles/Orange County, CA metropolitan area.  He enlisted in the Navy and served 23 yrs. as a Navy Corpsmen in various Naval Hospitals and Marine Corps units finally retiring as a Chief Petty Officer in Feb 2018. 
Ryan Fox
Biomedical Technician
Ryan was born in Pittsburgh, PA but grew up in Raleigh, NC.  Ryan enlisted with the United States Marine Corp after high school and served honorably for 5 years. He then attended Wake Technical for Biomedical Engineering...
Edward Rogers
Biomedical Technician
Edward Rogers was born and raised in Indiana and Tennessee and now calls San Antonio home. He served as a Navy Corpsmen for seven years in multiple locations, deployed all over the world in Naval hospitals, Fleet Hospital, and Marine Corp.

“I was able to sit down with my technician and go through the software to see how the equipment was loaded and review all the information I could get from the electronic record.  We talked through some of the additional ways I could benefit from the software.  My past biomed experiences have left me without all the information I needed to make good decisions about our equipment repairs and replacements. It was a great relief to have all this information at my fingertips with eBioTrack.  Comparatively, the cost is pretty in line with our previous biomed expenses but I feel like I’m getting so much more for the money in terms of productivity and a true working relationship; not just a yearly equipment inspection and an invoice.”

– Sandra Scott, RN


Edge Biomedical looks forward to hearing from you. Please reach out to us via phone, email or social media. Our goal is to earn your business for a lifetime.

For Service Call: 1-888-841-5155