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IS YOUR FACILITY PREPARED TO DEFEND AGAINST THE UNSEEN? Are Your COVID-19 Protocols Incorporating the Latest Advancements?

Traditional cleaning methods are reactive. They clean what was left behind, but what can they do about what is coming? Proactively protect your staff and your patients by providing a SHIELD of prevention, not just cleaning.


BioShield 75® provides an antimicrobial barrier that is EPA rated to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi for 90 days!




Our fleet of ElectroStatic Sprayers, in the expert hands of trained and certified technicians, apply BioShield 75® throughout your facility. A professional application ensures your facility, your employees, and your visitors are benefitting from the most advanced techniques available today!




Pre-application of BioShield 75®, a COVID-19 approved disinfectant is used to sanitize the surfaces. After proper sanitization BioShield 75 acts as a Biostatic Surface Protectant against bacteria and contagions without introducing a potentially unsafe chemical to your environment. No harsh fumes or odors! It’s even EPA approved to apply on food contact surfaces!




Once on site, our trained and certified Biomedical Technicians can also test and inventory your equipment, log the equipment and compliance into our proprietary asset management software, eBioTrack. EDGE can also clinically verify the effectiveness of the cleaning protocols.

EDGE isn’t just “disinfecting” with ages old chemical in a bottle.

By combining state-of-the-art chemistry with professional application, you get more than clean. You have a Shield that starts protecting today, continues protecting tomorrow, and better prepares your surfaces for what’s to come.

BioShield 75

Treat your space today to protect your people tomorrow!