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Annual Maintenance For Your Products

Annual inspections may be a yearly inconvenience, but they are absolutely essential to keeping your facility compliant with federal, state and local guidelines. In addition to maintaining compliance, these required inspections can significantly extend the life of your equipment and protect you from liability.


There are several cases of legal judgements resulting from inadequate servicing of diagnostic equipment. Unfortunately, we see equipment that falls into this category on a daily basis. It is our job to educate our customers on why proper maintenance is required and why it is just a good idea. Facilities invest massive amounts of money into the equipment they rely on to diagnose and deliver treatment. This equipment needs to be maintained just like your car, HVAC or computer. Unlike your “check engine” light, a house that is 80 degrees, or a computer that warns you of necessary maintenance, your medical equipment may require calibration before you know it.

Different states and facilities are subject to a variety of requirements from the agencies that inspect them. If you need help determining what your requirements are, just let us know and we’ll assist with the research.

Why Is It Required?
In addition to annual inspections being required by accreditation agencies, insurance providers and the manufacturers, they are absolutely vital in protecting you from liability, as a provider, and extending the life of your equipment. During our visit to perform your annual equipment maintenance, our professional technician will make sure all available equipment is tested, passes inspection and is documented to prove compliance. [“Why Is Annual Maintenance Required?”]

Here are a few recognizable agencies that require annual inspections and proper documentation of those completed inspections:

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