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We know your practice relies on the equipment used to treat and diagnose patients. Edge Biomed provides service work on a variety of medical equipment on a parts and labor basis. All work performed includes a 90-day warranty and we offer free estimates.

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Edge believes using factory parts and avoiding aftermarket parts is an important component to making sure your equipment lasts as long as possible and performs as intended, without unexpected and inconvenient breakdowns. We can point to several instances where aftermarket parts were used with unfavorable results. This is a good example of how a short-term savings effort can result in an increased long-term expense.

Edge’s labor rates are competitive in all our markets. We focus on providing far superior service than our competitors, but we understand that budgets are rarely ripe with unused funds for unexpected repairs. When we fix your equipment, our goal is not to make money on the repair, but instead to solve your problem completely, the first time, so we can gain your trust for the next 1,000 repairs.

In addition to as-needed repairs, Edge also provides a variety of service agreements that remove the variable on guessing what you will need to spend in the coming year(s) on repairs. We offer customized service plans on a variety of equipment, including Autoclaves and Ultrasounds.


In order to remain compliant with various agencies and insurance providers, your equipment must have annual inspections. Edge Biomed manages your equipment using our proprietary software that reminds you 60 days before your inspections are due to expire.


eBioTrack was designed with the materials manager in mind. eBioTrack helps you manage all of your medical equipment in one place. It is accessible 24 hours a day with your secure log in, will remind you 60 and 30 days before annual maintenance is required and allows Edge Biomed to monitor your status with another set of eyes.


In order to take the guesswork out of budgeting for your repairs, allow Edge Biomed to quote you on giving you an extended warranty for your equipment.

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