Part of the Infrastructure

Part of the Infrastructure

Unchartered waters.  That’s where we find ourselves in March of 2020.  Plans are changing so fast it can be something new almost hourly.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will get through this, with some unprecedented effort and dedication.  Medical professionals are used to putting themselves in harm’s way, dealing with sickness, death, and disease every day.  So, in some ways, they have been preparing and ready for this kind of event their whole careers.  When this is behind us there won’t be enough appreciation or kudos to justify the sacrifice they are making.  Just downstream from those frontline folks are the people helping to ensure the patient care being given is with equipment performing at it’s peak level… the biomedical technicians.  If equipment breaks, malfunctions, is out of calibration, or is out of service, those medical professionals don’t have the tools they need to provide top notch care.  And, if they aren’t accurate, that care is potentially compromised.  At EDGE, we have dedicated ourselves, as a CRITICAL COMPONENT OF PATIENT CARE, to being ready and able to take care of the equipment that could be the difference between life and death for some patients.  Our mission is to stand beside those medical professionals on the frontlines and provide the support they need, and the support the next wave of patients will demand!

The Department of Homeland Security just stated that “all healthcare services have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.” EDGE Biomedical is a CRITICAL COMPONENT to healthcare services and we started living that edict from the DHS for what seems likes weeks ago at this point.  EDGE has been extremely proactive and at the forefront of creating policies and procedures to keep our technicians safe.  Our technicians are MISSION CRITICAL and are being relied on in a way never felt before in their careers.  You want to see passion, and our technicians LOVE IT!  Right now, they can’t wait to get to their next site, clinic, center, and get their equipment ready to do the job needed.  We will be in full operation mode for the foreseeable future!

The situation is fluid, and as mentioned, EDGE has been extremely proactive and aggressive in implementing policies and procedures to keep our technicians safe and ensure we are operating as an extension of our medical providers.  Here are just some examples of policies initiated during times when no one knew how seriously to take this threat:

  1. Daily Technician Temperature Checks.
  2. Pre and Post Site Wipe Down – Every single piece of equipment we bring on-site, testing equipment/computer/keys/cell phone/etc. is completely wiped down immediately before we get on site and immediately after we are done.  We also wipe down everything we touch while on-site.  This is just an extra layer of protection.
  3. Prioritizing essential service providers and equipment to ensure we are meeting to changing demands.

Keep an eye out for the following programs to roll out as well:

  1. Virtual Technician – Need faster turnaround?  Schedule a time to virtually connect and have someone look at your equipment remotely.
  2. Pick Up/Drop Off – No time or space to get service in your space?  We can pick up your equipment to repair/calibrate it offsite and return it to you sterilized.
  3. After Hours – Too busy during a regularly scheduled day?  Let us come in before or after hours and get your equipment ready.
  4. Depot Service – Need to ship it off-site? we have you covered there too.
  5. We will continue to add services that bring value to our customers as we see the needs changing.

We all hope this gets better as we work together to affect change.  Social distancing and nationwide changes to behavior are and will continue to make a difference!  However, from today and well beyond tomorrow, EDGE will stand steadfastly in our place as a CRITICAL COMPONENT OF PATIENT CARE. We stay prepared to support all medical personnel as if we were a direct part of your team and will continue to stay proactive and aggressive in ensuring our policies are making a difference in keeping people safe.

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