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Life Safety Code Inspections*

During a Life Safety Code (LSC) Inspection the inspection team will review whether the life safety code requirements as established by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) are met. The LSC inspection covers a wide range of aspects of fire protection, including construction, protection and operational features designed to provide safety from fire, smoke, and panic.

When regulatory requirements have not been met, the nursing facility must submit a plan of correction to the Department. The Department must find the plan acceptable before the facility is found to be back in compliance. The providers may be fined for each violation cited. Survey results must be made available to residents, families and other interested parties.

National Fire Protection Association**

NFPA-99: What and Where to Test: All electrical equipment appliances used for diagnostic, therapeutic, or monitoring purposes of patients located in areas where patients are intended to be examined or treated.

NFPA-99: Documentation: The minimum acceptable documentation should identify what was tested, when it was tested, and whether it performed successfully.

*Information courtesy of health.ny.gov

**Information courtesy of Feomedical.com

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