Matt Spencer


Matthew started Dixie (DXE) Medical, a medical equipment sales and service company, in 1999. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Dixie Medical grew to $25 million in annual sales with over 30 employees before selling to Sarnova, the parent company of BoundTree Medical and Tri-Anim Health Services, in 2012.

After working with Sarnova for over 3 and ½ years, Matthew decided to take a short break before starting Edge Biomedical with some key partners in the medical field. “I have always loved the service business because of the residual nature of the relationship. At Dixie Medical, we may only get to sell a customer one piece of equipment every few years; but with service, we are able to stay in contact with our customers multiple times per year. This allows us to develop trust and build an overall relationship that benefits everyone, more than simply a transactional arrangement,” says Spencer.