Meet Monet, Man’s Best Friend and Edge Biomedical Guide Dog In Training

Meet Monet, Man’s Best Friend and Edge Biomedical Guide Dog In Training

Monet putting in some “work” with the first responders of Cobb County Georgia.

Happy Friday Morning! Our #FunFridayIntro is a little different today as we are highlighting a team member with four legs. In honor of #InternationalAssistanceDogWeek, we would like for you to meet “Monet”, our 5 month old Guide Dog in Training. Monet is a Standard Poodle and is in training to become a Guide Dog for someone who is visually impaired.

Monet is being raised by our very own Director of Operations for Edge Biomedical, Sandi Bronte. Sandi is a volunteer puppy raiser for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind in Smithtown, NY. Her role as a puppy raiser is to take an 8 week old puppy and provide it with lots of socialization opportunities and teach basic obedience and good manners. Puppy Raisers are a vital part of the process for training Guide Dogs as the puppies need real life exposure and experiences to be a successful service animal. They need to learn how to behave at grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, ride trains/buses and settle quietly at offices. Anywhere a Guide Dog might one day have to go, a puppy-in-training needs exposure to. Once the puppy is 18 months old, they go back to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind for “formal” Guide Dog Training. Monet is the 7th puppy that Sandi has raised for GDF.

The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, in Smithtown, New York, provides guide dogs free of charge to those who are visually impaired. Visit to read more about this wonderful nonprofit organization.

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