Florida Women’s Health Group Chooses Edge Biomedical for Consistency and Compliance

Florida Women’s Health Group Chooses Edge Biomedical for Consistency and Compliance

Edge Biomed is pleased to announce a new partnership with a large women’s health group in central Florida. With almost a hundred locations, this group was utilizing a dozen different biomed resources with little to no continuity and inconsistent service delivery. eBioTrack’s asset management was instrumental in solving a few major challenges for our new partner.

As the group expands, more sites are added and equipment standardized, it was important to our contact to have one place where all the equipment was organized and documented. With millions of dollars invested in capital equipment, it was imperative that the administration was able to take a more active role in managing their fleet and determining when to add or replace equipment. eBioTrack does just that by documenting service history, including repairs and inspections to decide if the continued upkeep makes financial sense, versus retiring and replacing the equipment.

“One of the differentiating factors that makes our biomed company different than others is the decision to NOT sell equipment. Rather than see new or used equipment sales as a revenue stream, Edge’s goal is to assist our customers in making the best financial decision for their facility,” says Matt Spencer, Edge’s President. “We hear stories about service providers claiming that the repair is too expensive and the customer is better off purchasing a refurbished device from them. While this is certainly the case at times, we prefer to have no horse in the race while we are advising which way to go.”

Edge is excited and proud to work with this group, and we look forward to growing with them as they expand in Florida and beyond.

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