The Evolution of the Revolutionary Asset Management Software: eBioTrack

The Evolution of the Revolutionary Asset Management Software: eBioTrack

When we started Edge Biomedical we understood the importance of managing your data. Medical equipment compliance is, unfortunately, something that often takes a backseat to the most important functions that relate directly to patient care. Medical devices are no different than other high-use machines in that they require regular maintenance to properly treat and diagnose medical conditions.

Several federal regulatory bodies require a documented inspection plan related to medical equipment. NFPA99 states that all medical equipment that could come in contact with a patient must be electrical safety tested at least annually. OSHA, EPA and FDA have similar regulations. With over 700 sites and 35,000 pieces of equipment under management, we noticed a recurring theme among our customers: a lack of a consistent and reliable tracking tool to keep up with equipment service and compliance. That is why we have invested heavily in our state-of-the-art program, eBioTrack.

We started by building a simple tracking and reminder software, similar to the tools within Outlook. Once we had a functional program, we asked ourselves, “how can we encourage our customers to use this tool in other aspects of their business?” So, we started asking them. What came back was a never-ending stream of suggestions and complaints. Practice managers were struggling to manage dozens of responsibilities such as vaccine schedules, continuing education requirements, certification renewals and mundane office duties like a weekly check of the AED or a daily check of the restroom.

There are a variety of ways these managers were tracking all this important data, ranging from a pen and paper to an Excel spreadsheet. What was needed was one web-based tool to bring it all together. eBioTrack is the solution to a really big problem in almost every medical facility. The current means of tracking all this information was shown to be inconsistent, and often relied on a single person to organize. This put the practice at risk if that person no longer worked there.

eBioTrack is a web-based, mobile-optimized software that is backed up at dual, remote locations and can be accessed by secure log in 24/7. Of all the cool, useful features within eBioTrack, the main thing that sets it apart from any other tool out there is that it will never be finished. We constantly solicit feedback from our customers on how we can improve the program to make it more valuable to them.

Please request a demo of eBioTrack to see how it can help you manage your practice more efficiently.

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