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EDGE Surface Solutions

Are Your COVID-19 Protocols Incorporating the Latest Advancements?


The Coronavirus has created a world that we all need to adapt to.  Our call to action has to be to find new ways to make everyone safe as we collectively open our doors to the world again.  This new “normal” has to start with measures and steps that do more than just keep people safe, those new standards must make us FEEL secure as well.  What is the cost of not doing enough?

“The addition of BioShield®75 has provided our medical center with a level of protection that has previously been unheard of in healthcare. Our new Special Care Needs Nursery, along with all nursery equipment has been treated with BioShield®75 prior to the arrival of our first newborn. All our patient rooms in addition to our Cancer Center, Critical Care Unit and other specialty services areas have also been treated with BioShield®75….and three months after application we know we have created a healthier and safer environment.”

– Manager, Infection Control, Regional California Medical Center



STEP ONE: Clean and properly disinfect all surfaces, porous and non-porous alike, with a hospital-grade, COVID-19 approved disinfectant.



STEP TWO: Apply BioShield 75® to provide a biostatic protective barrier that continues to protect for an EPA rated 90 days against bacteria, fungi and germs.



STEP THREE: For Monthly or Quarterly service contracts, we test the surfaces in an independent, third-party lab to confirm the lack of any contagions for further verification that the steps being taken are effective.


WHAT IS IT?  Since EDGE’s founding, we have always driven meaningful innovation.  eBioTrack, Virtual Tech, and, now, EDGE’s surface solution.  R&D led us to BioShield, a biostatic surface protectant that protects and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi for 90 DAYS!

Standard cleaning protocols are great at eliminating biothreats, but they work like a car wash.  Once you get through the cleaning process your car and surfaces immediately start to attract dirt and contagions.  What is the risk?  What happens when a spot is missed, instructions weren’t followed and the disinfectant wasn’t allowed to set up properly? The product was applied just to areas that could be reached by hand?  Very simply, surfaces are left vulnerable and unprotected!

EDGE Surface Solutions


As part of our ESS service contracts, we take the process one step further.  At the 6-month and 1 year mark, EDGE, using a 3rd party lab, performs a series of random surface cultures to have analyzed by the lab.   The resulting lab report will detail the presence of ANY germs or contagions!  Lastly, as biomedical technicians, for those customers that need it, our team has the capability to inspect and service AEDs, audiometers, oxygen concentrators, and any medical equipment you may have!  All procedures, equipment, treatments and inspection results are captured in eBioTrack providing compliance documentation that these important safety measures have been completed and providing visibility and reminders on when these critical actions need to be taken again.


BioShield is an EPA certified protective antimicrobial barrier that protects against bacteria and fungi for an EPA rated 90 days.  Our trained and certified Biomedical Technicians come on-site, using state of the art electrostatic sprayers, provide a professional application of a disinfectant and EPA approved proactive shield to keep surfaces protected for 90 days.  Dry time is only 3-5 minutes.  It is non-toxic, odorless, and colorless so the application is easy and performed without severely impacting operations.

EDGE isn’t just “disinfecting” with ages old chemical in a bottle. By combining state-of-the-art chemistry with professional, OSHA-compliant application, you get more than clean. You have a Shield that starts protecting today, continues protecting tomorrow, and better prepares your surfaces for what’s to come.


Treat your space today to protect your people tomorrow!