Edge Honored to Become the Only Service Provider for Preferred Dealer GPO, NDC

Edge Honored to Become the Only Service Provider for Preferred Dealer GPO, NDC

Edge Biomedical, a Franklin, TN company that serves 12 markets along the East Coast and Texas, has secured an agreement with the dominant dealer GPO in the nation. With dealers in both the medical and dental verticals, NDC dealers have a loyal following and reach into several of Edge’s core markets.

Edge Biomedical serves non-acute medical facilities and dental practices in all its geographies. As a preferred field service provider for all brands of autoclaves and sterilizers, Edge is uniquely positioned to provide on-the-spot service to keep practices up and running when their devices require service.

Edge’s technicians have been factory trained at Midmark, SciCan, Tuttnauer and Steris. In addition to sterilization expertise, Edge personnel have been factory trained on a wide breadth of medical equipment at dozens of top manufacturers. While some very specialized equipment, like anesthesia and high-end imaging, is normally served by the manufacturer, almost everything else is exactly where Edge techs excel. Edge’s proprietary asset management software, eBioTrack, currently tracks 40,000 pieces of equipment and assists over 1000 practices and clinics in keeping tabs on their assets including staff responsibilities. This cloud-based platform is revolutionary in an industry that offers little more than off-the-shelf software and high-priced, corporate solutions. In addition to Edge’s superior technicians, the management tools that we use provides a compelling reason to use Edge for all your asset management needs.

NDC has a 300,000 square foot distribution facility that reaches 90% of the U.S. population in two days. It is little more than coincidence that Edge is in the same area code as NDC. However, the way NDC has taken care of its members is a model of success that has rarely been duplicated. Talk to any NDC dealer and chances are you will be speaking with a partner of theirs for life.

With Edge’s field service team, NDC members can solve a big pain point for their customers that need on-site service to ensure quick turnaround times in order to continue serving patients. With Edge’s multiple markets, we can serve more customers on-site and reduce their shipping time and expense.

Edge Biomedical does NOT sell equipment making it a trusted partner and steward to NDC’s hundreds of members that have provided products for decades to healthcare customers nationwide. Edge is incredibly proud to support such a loyal and value-add partner like NDC.

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