Edge Biomedical Deploys QR Code Technology for AED Management Program

Edge Biomedical Deploys QR Code Technology for AED Management Program

Automated External Defibrillators, AEDs, are becoming more commonplace in our society both inside and outside healthcare facilities. We see them in airports, gymnasiums, churches, fitness centers, schools and office buildings. AEDs evaluate and recommend treatment via verbal and visual instructions to first responders, whether professionals or laypeople. Most can recognize these life-saving devices as “shock boxes” or some medical machine that treats heart issues. We see them on TV and understand that they must be ready at a moments notice.


As “automated” as these devices are, they still must be maintained regularly. This includes physical inspections to confirm that the visual indicator displays the status of the AED being “ready.” While some AEDs can check-in via wifi or cellular, like the CR2 AED from Stryker, the vast majority of deployed AEDs still require a person to provide at least a minimum amount of management to ensure the unit is “ready” by observing the readiness indicator and expiration dates on all disposables, including adult electrodes and batteries. If the AED has separate pediatric electrodes, they must be checked as well.

Once checked, the responsible parties must document that the inspection was completed. Here is where problems arise. How to best document monthly inspections is disputable. Some organizations use spreadsheets or check tags, while others use convenient apps, which are part of a paid management program.

Edge Biomedical’s proprietary asset management program, eBioTrack, was developed to ensure compliance and digitally document and store inspections, work orders, contracts and much more. With AEDs sometimes disbursed throughout large, or multiple, buildings, checking them all, then remembering to record each can be difficult. Results are written down on a notepad to then be transferred to a separate document and stored. In an effort to make recording inspections easy, Edge created a QR code sticker that can be placed on any surface, and read by any smart phone.

Upon scanning the QR code with the smartphone, the user is automatically taken to the page that corresponds with the equipment the code is associated with. On this page, the user can simply click that the device was inspected and passed. You may even take and store a picture of the device. This feature can be applied to any inspection or task that personnel must complete and document.

Because eBioTrack is fully owned by Edge Biomed, we will never be finished improving its features and improving its value to our customers and technicians alike.

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