Edge Biomed Set to Feature in TechNation Magazine

Edge Biomed Set to Feature in TechNation Magazine

Edge is excited to announce that we will be featured in TechNation Magazine several times throughout the year! So, be on the lookout for some great articles and and a company spotlight on Edge. The first article featured in the March issue is about the benefits of using third-party service providers. Ryan Rose, Director of Sales, explains a few things you will want to look for when selecting a partner.

Does your biomed department have too many resources? Are your technicians spending too much time twiddling their thumbs? I didn’t think so. Using vetted third-party service providers can be a good short- or long-term solution. There are countless local, independent biomedical companies out there; each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s some of the things you will want to look for when selecting a partner:

  • An Asset Management Program – When choosing a company to assist in managing your equipment, make sure they have a program that can be easily accessed online, with tools to compile, download and share your data. After all, it is your data.
  • Adequate insurance that is specific to the biomedical industry – Most smaller companies rarely carry proper insurance, but instead have only a general liability policy. Ask for a copy when vetting a potential partner.
  • Multiple technicians – Do they have the resources to tackle large projects or respond quickly to requests?
  • OEM partnerships – Factory training and ongoing field service partnerships are a good way to vet out the character, reliability and capability of an independent service organization (ISO).

These are only a few important aspects of a potential partner you should explore, but considering a third-party service provider is a worthy exercise as you search for solutions to support your sites outside the hospital. Be sure to check back in to EdgeBiomed.com and TechNation Magazine in March for the full article!

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