Edge Biomed Adds Key, ReVel Ventilator Training to List of Factory Certifications

Edge Biomed Adds Key, ReVel Ventilator Training to List of Factory Certifications

We pride ourselves on doing what is best for the customer. Some biomeds are really good technicians, but lack the specific training to work on certain equipment. Just because a mechanic can work on a 1990 Ford Bronco doesn’t mean they are qualified to service a 2015 Infiniti QX60. Each vehicle, while both complex, have intricacies that require different levels of experience and training.

Healthcare equipment is no different. Medical devices these days are quite complicated, and models that deliver therapy require special attention. Examples of these devices are infusion pumps, defibrillators and ventilators. This is why Edge constantly invests in factory training for our technicians. Just this year Edge technicians have completed ultrasound training, SciCan autoclaves, Steris sterilizers, Midmark’s full medical line, and most recently, ReVel ventilators.

Several Edge customers expressed interest in having Edge perform annual inspections and maintenance on ReVel models of vents, so we invested in sending our personnel to training in California. Now we AND our customer feel confident in the level of service we can provide on these particular vents. Our full-time employee technicians are able to work on several models of ventilators, but had never worked on the ReVel, specifically. The importance we place on carrying proper insurance, investing in factory training, and focusing on the highest level of customer support are just some of the things that separate Edge Biomedical from our competitors.

After completing the factory training, Percy Davila, Edge’s Jacksonville, FL technician, summed up a few of the Revel’s features and benefits:

– High performance ventilation in a small lightweight package.
– Wide range of breath type and mode options.
– Operates on a variety of power sources.
– For use on patients weighing 5kg or more.
– Invasive and non-invasive modes.
– For use in homecare, hospital and transport environments.

If you need support on a particular device, please check with us to see if we support it. If not, we are always happy to explore being factory trained and adding another skillset to our already-loaded bag. Please see our map of current coverage and look for new Edge markets opening in the near future.

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