Edge Biomed Adds Key QR Code Technology to eBioTrack

Edge Biomed Adds Key QR Code Technology to eBioTrack

The coolest biomed company on the planet continues to add customer-focused features to their revolutionary asset management software, eBioTrack. As Edge continues to add more customers to our family, we are ecstatic to receive more and more requests and suggestions on how eBioTrack can assist practices, clinics and hospitals be more efficient in their operations. While eBT is an asset management and compliance tool, it also has some key features that remind, track and organize the various tasks for which your staff is responsible.

The “People” feature of eBioTrack is intuitive and adaptive to track any task you wish. If you don’t see the task you need from our pre-loaded selection, simply add it along with the frequency of reminders and whether or not staff sign-off for compliance is necessary. In response to requests from customers that wanted an easier way to quickly locate information and service history on their equipment, Edge added the option to label equipment with QR Codes that are readable by any smart phone.

The opportunity to use this new feature for tasks was immediately clear to Edge’s President and Founder, Matthew Spencer. “For personnel that is tasked with maintaining a piece of equipment on a monthly basis, for example, it was obvious that we needed to eliminate some steps in the process of documenting their actions,” Spencer says. “Either they were checking a box on a piece of paper that may or may not stay put, or they had to go back to their computer, log in and record their actions. With the addition of the QR Code feature, the admin can complete the task, use his or her smart phone camera to bring up the exact task that was just completed and document that it was done. They can even add a photograph if they wish.”

Despite huge investments and contributions by our team, vendors and customers to develop eBioTrack, the work will never be complete. There will always be opportunities to improve, and Edge will continue to adapt with the ever-changing healthcare industry.

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