Edge Adds Key Scheduling Feature to eBioTrack

Edge Adds Key Scheduling Feature to eBioTrack

We often say that the beauty of the eBioTrack asset management software is that it will never be finished. Based on both customer and internal needs and requests, Edge has progressed through several versions of eBioTrack, improving the look, feel and experience each step of the way.

With technicians now stretching from San Antonio to Boston, and expanding, scheduling technicians’ day, week, month and quarter becomes more and more challenging. In an effort to to maximize our technician’s time and better manage capacity while remaining attentive to our customers’ needs, a robust scheduling tool was essential to ensuring our resources were being scheduled in the most efficient way. “Being able to see what my techs are doing any day for weeks or months into the future has saved me an enormous amount of time and allows me to respond to customer requests in real time,” says Sandi Bronte, Edge’s Director of Operations.

“When scheduling multiple locations for our larger accounts that cover several states, I need to check each tech’s availability. Being able to do that within the eBioTrack system makes it easy to for me to commit to timelines,” Ryan Rose, Director of Sales, states. There are several applications that are used to organize a schedule. From something as simple as iCal or Outlook, to much more expensive and robust tools, every biomed company is using some form of scheduling tool. The obvious advantages of developing our own scheduling module within eBioTrack are that 1) we are able to customize it to exactly what we need as we grow, 2) it saves us money that we can invest elsewhere or pass on in the form of customer savings, and 3) the tool resides within the same software that we use for inspections, work orders, tracking and billing.

Stay tuned for the newest additions to the next generation of eBioTrack.

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