“Total Asset and Compliance Management for Healthcare Professionals”

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eBioTrack is a game-changing software program specific to Edge Biomedical. Whether you are tracking equipment compliance or the tasks of your staff, eBioTrack keeps you organized with an easy-to-read dashboard. eBioTrack is the tool that manages your equipment. With your busy schedule and multiple responsibilities, you need a reliable resource that allows you to see all your equipment, and its’ status, in one place. eBioTrack allows you to set up multiple sites and different points of contact. In addition to managing all your medical equipment, eBioTrack can be used to monitor fire extinguisher dates, oil changes or even employee training schedules. eBioTrack is an essential part of our world-class service to our customers.

The software is also available as a stand alone tool for those organizations who might not need our service, but definitely need eBiotrack’s management capabilities.

“eBioTrack really solved a variety of problems for us. We were using different tools to manage different things. This software helped us get organized and made us confident our equipment was being managed the right way”


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For Service Call: 1-888-841-5155