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Anyone paying attention over the last 20 years knows that improvements have been immense in the way data is collected, stored and accessed the healthcare industry. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) assist physicians and medical facilities share patient data to improve treatment and track progress. We notice our nurses taking notes on an iPad, while the doctor shows us x-ray results on his tablet or laptop. Gone are the days of handwritten notes and banks of filing cabinets. Biomedical records for equipment inspections and service history should have progressed along with the rest of the healthcare industry…but we haven’t witnessed that outside the hospital. If only there was a revolutionary program that improved efficiency of the practice without requiring software installation and tens of thousands of dollars in investment. Spoiler alert: there is.


eBioTrack is a game-changing software program developed by, for and specific to Edge Biomed. Whether you are tracking equipment compliance or the tasks of your staff, eBioTrack keeps you organized with an easy-to-read dashboard. Edge Biomed proprietary eBioTrack software was developed with the healthcare provider in mind. With so many moving parts involved with running your practice, eBioTrack organizes and manages your equipment maintenance schedules, expiring consumables, personnel certifications and vaccines and more for all sites and staff.

Our feature-rich program is used by our technicians for inventory, inspections, work orders and much, much more. Edge does all the work for you! There is no software installation, hardware purchases or steps to take to enter your equipment. eBioTrack is cloud-based and mobile optimized, meaning you can access your data on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac. As long as you have access to a web browser, your data is at your fingertips.

What Do We Mean, “Feature-Rich”?

Calendar Feature to view years into the future

Email reminders 60, 30 and 0 days prior to inspections

Service history downloadable on any piece of equipment

Inventory lists available in PDF or Excel

Ability to email any page in eBT

Unlimited sites can be loaded

Task logs stored and time-stamped

Daily data back-ups

Remote storage in multiple locations to mitigate risk of natural disasters

Google Earth used for sites and equipment location

Ability to connect directly with your local technician

Store service manuals in eBioTrack

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