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New Jersey Group Selects Edge for Compliance

M & A activity in the healthcare space is red hot. As groups seek efficiencies through scale, we see networks expanding, constantly bringing new practices and clinics into the acquiring group’s orbit. These transitions are sometimes difficult, as new processes and procedures are implemented. One challenge we often see is that the acquired group does not have a proper accounting of their equipment inventory, or the service history that goes with it.

This was the case as we explored the opportunity to serve our new customer in New Jersey. They were requested to have compliance inspections performed prior to the purchase of their group. Edge was able to gather resources and complete all the necessary inspections at over two dozen locations in less than a week.

Once again, Edge’s network of employee/technicians proves itself valuable in fast-paced, ever-changing healthcare space. We look forward to serving our newest customer in the Garden State for many years.

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