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If You Don’t Schedule Your Annual Maintenance, Your Equipment Will Schedule It For You

Most people that deal with medical equipment know the importance of annual safety inspections. For starters, various State and Federal guidelines require annual inspections in an effort to protect the integrity of the data that is relied on to diagnose and treat patients. For example, a small, 3% calibration error on a scale could translate into 6-pound mistake on a 200-pound man. This perceived weigh-gain (or loss) can affect treatment and prescriptions.
Another important benefit of annual inspections is the reduction of unexpected service calls and an extended life expectancy for your equipment. We often see autoclaves in need of repair that have not been maintained according to the OEM’s recommendations. With regular maintenance and PM kits, a costly repair and major inconvenience could be avoided.
One of our techs, Evans Awatey, saw this sign recently, and I felt it was worth sharing.
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