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Hidden Fees and Complicated Pricing Programs Getting You Down?

Through our marketing efforts, sales team, customer referrals and many other relationships, we get to talk to a lot of people about their biomed solution. There are often several pain points, but some are more consistently mentioned than others. We hear that some companies have confusing pricing plans, overcharge on travel or submit invoices that cannot be validated.

Edge Biomed prides itself on providing a transparent, easy to understand guide to how we price annual inspections. We know you have very little, if any, time to discuss each repair. That is why our proposals are presented in a way that is easy to comprehend, and all service history and work orders are at your fingertips in our proprietary software, eBioTrack.

We know you have to make informed decisions on when to replace equipment, and having the appropriate data on the performance of each and every piece of equipment is essential. If you are tired of feeling like your practice is being taken advantage of, please reach out to us for a proposal and webinar to see how eBioTrack can assist you in achieving a higher level of efficiency that will allow you to focus more time on patient care.

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