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Edge Biomed is the premiere, third party specialists in tabletop autoclaves. We invest heavily in our technicians’ factory training, and have completed OEM certification at Midmark, SciCan, Tuttnauer and Steris. The very nature of autoclaves invites “issues,” with the application of heat, moisture and pressure within these important devices. Annual inspections can avoid many failures by replacing the recommended seals, valves and other key components; as well as running preventive maintenance steps exactly as the manufacturer recommends.

Please contact us to set up your complimentary installation inspection and receive a quote on your annual maintenance.


Most practices have loose protocols regarding the regular upkeep of the autoclave, and the responsibility usually falls to administrator or other person that has multiple duties. Edge Biomed and eBioTrack will assist you in maintaining your equipment by reminding you weekly, monthly and annually to perform the necessary steps to minimize the failures and repairs to you equipment.

Some Of The Models We Service Are:

* Midmark Ritter M9
* Midmark Ritter M11
* Midmark Ritter M3
* Tuttnauer Alara 9D
* Tuttnauer Alara 9i
* Tuttnauer Alara 11D
* Tuttnauer Alara 11i
* Tuttnauer EZ9Plus

* Tuttnauer EZ11Plus
* Tuttnauer EZ9
* Tuttnauer EZ10
* Tuttnauer EZ10K
* Tuttnauer 3870EA
* Tuttnauer 2340M
* Tuttnauer 2540M
* Tuttnauer 2540MK

* Tuttnauer 3870M
* Tuttnauer Valueklave™ 1730
* SciCan STATIM 2000
* Scican STATIM 5000
* Scican STATIM G4
* Scican Bravo 17V
* Scican Bravo 21V
* AMSCO Steam Sterilizers

See Midmark’s OEM Video’s Here

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