eBioTrack was born of necessity. Originally created as an internal management system for Edge to store track equipment compliance, we soon discovered that our customers immediately saw many more uses in their daily routine. After significant investments in time and money, then input from countless customers, partners and technicians, eBioTrack exists in its current form. However, this key tool will never be completed. Instead we encourage suggestions from all users on how we can continue to improve this software program that serves thousands of sites and users.

Benefits Of eBioTrack

eBioTrack is one of the many things that make Edge a different service provider. We want to be seen as your partner, rather than simply another vendor. If there is anything we can do to improve eBioTrack to assist you in running your practice or clinic, please let us know.


Do you struggle to manage the dozens of tasks for which your staff is responsible? These responsibilities range from monthly AED checks to weekly autoclave tests to daily guest restroom checks. With so many different tasks, all with different frequencies, you need a central asset/staff management tool to organize and track all your “to-do” lists. Think of eBioTrack as your own personal assistant.

eBioTrack’s People Tracking allows you to organize the many different items that need to be managed.

Vaccine Schedules
Continuing Education Requirements
Office Tasks

For any tasks that require documented compliance, a time-stamped log that shows completed actions is stored in eBioTrack that is backed up twice daily. Administrators are able to see and download these logs from any desktop or mobile device. All pages within eBioTrack are able to be emailed easily.


It may not be surprising, but after servicing over 1300 sites, we have not seen a single accurate inventory list. This illustrates the problem of a constantly changing medical equipment inventory. Devices move within a facility, between facilities, are added and retired. This constant cycling of the equipment you rely on to provide top patient care requires a robust asset management tool that allows you to have confidence that you are staying on top of this important inventory.

eBioTrack allows you to monitor over 20 separate fields, including:

In addition to tracking anything related to the equipment, eBioTrack allows you to upload previous service records, service contracts and user guides. No more bookshelves full of binders and user manuals. One of the benefits of having all your service history at the click of a mouse is that it allows you to make informed purchasing decisions. If you see a device has been serviced too many times recently, you may decide it makes more sense to purchase a new device rather than continue to spend money on repairs.

Each device can be shown on Google Maps and all the related inspections and work orders associated with the equipment in question is displayed. Welcome to your new personal assistant in charge of equipment and much, much more.


The healthcare industry has seen so much consolidation in recent years, and we don’t see that changing. Health systems and networks continue to expand, adding more sites in more areas. This trend can be a great for improving efficiencies, standardizing SOPs and improving patient care. However, the expansion often allows inventory to slip through the cracks. New practices may not be properly inventoried and over-worked, under-staffed hospital biomed departments simply cannot commit enough time to off-site locations due their already massive workload. This is where Edge Biomed can assist.

Our highly-trained technicians are background tested and arrive in uniform with an official name badge. After introducing ourselves to the site’s designated contact, we complete a full inventory with proper inspections and address any repairs or other needs. When we depart, all your data will be available in eBioTrack. Each device will be labeled with the inspection date and Edge Biomed’s contact information, in addition to the equipment asset ID number, specific to that device. If you are managing multiple sites, Edge and eBioTrack is a perfect solution for your needs.


What professional could operate without iCal or Outlook Calendar these days? If you are pulled in many directions and responsible for many areas, your calendar is all that keeps it together. eBioTrack’s calendar shows you any trackable event in any month you select. Equipment maintenance is probably something you don’t want to put on your calendar for daily events, which makes eBioTrack the perfect tool to provide you organization and visibility into maintaining compliance. For any trackable event, the user is shown the status based on the event being green (no action required), yellow (action required within a 60-day window) or red (not compliant; action required).