Asset Management Software Wins Edge Biomed Eastern Massachusetts Urology Group

Asset Management Software Wins Edge Biomed Eastern Massachusetts Urology Group

When talking with customers, one pain point that arises over and over is the fact that they have no good way of tracking what equipment they have and whether or not it is in compliance. This was the case when we met with a large group of urology clinics. The CFO had been looking for an “inventory” solution due to a doctor leaving the practice. The problem was that the doctor wanted to exit with the equipment he contributed to the group, and the group wasn’t clear as to what that list was.

Initially, the CFO was exploring various inventory systems he found online, but those were built for inventory that moves in and out of an organization, like retail. Specialty medical practices need a solution that tracks the location and status of their equipment, without a lot of features like FIFO. The perfect solution is eBioTrack, Edge’s proprietary asset management software that reminds both Edge and the customer when it is time for inspections or when disposables expire. Each device can be tracked by location, purchase order, date of install/manufacture, department and many, many more data points.

In addition to the tracking and inventorying of physical assets, eBioTrack also tracks staff responsibilities and compliance. All these features, as well as our experienced, professional technicians made Edge the perfect solution to this groups issues. We are excited to partner with growing organizations like this. Their issues are not necessarily unique, but there are always ideas shared with us that help us improve our software solution for more and more clients.

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