Why Edge?

Edge Biomed is a different kind of service company that strives to be your one-stop when it comes to managing your medical equipment. Working with your team, we use a variety of tools and services to make sure your equipment performs to factory specifications, while keeping you in compliance by documenting the service history of each piece of equipment under our care. Edge does not sell equipment, meaning we solely focus on maintaining your current fleet of devices and providing guidance when it comes time to replace equipment due to growing costs to keep a machine in service when it is time to put it out to pasture.

Edge Biomed’s asset management systems provide much needed structure, efficiency and compliance for healthcare providers, so they can focus on quality patient care. We inventory and maintain your medical equipment while tracking staff responsibilities like vaccine schedules, daily tasks and certifications. Edge’s factory trained, employee technicians also perform all required annual safety inspections and repairs onsite to ensure equipment performance and maximize its useful life.

We constantly see clinics and other facilities struggling to adequately manage their equipment and staff. These important responsibilities usually fall to a number of dedicated nurses, administrators and other staff that have many other responsibilities. The answer to the question, “Who is responsible for maintaining the service schedule for your autoclave?,” is usually, “I guess that is me, but it sometimes falls through the cracks.”

Not to worry. Inefficiencies, lack of systems and overworked staff are reasons why we have a job we love. Our goal is to provide support that 1) keeps you compliant, 2) ensures your equipment lasts as long as possible and 3) remove extra responsibilities from your to-do list that allows you to focus on patient care.

Being able to work on a wide range of equipment is essential to our customers. We strive to be your single source when it comes to managing and servicing your equipment. Whether performing on-site annual inspections or depot repairs, our goal is to make the process as quick and convenient as possible.

A big difference between Edge and other biomedical companies is our never-ending pursuit of knowledge and experience within our team of highly trained technicians. We pursue this differentiator by hiring the best techs and constantly investing in them.

Edge Biomed continually invests in educating our technicians with Factory Training, and we are constantly looking to improve our processes and procedures to give you the support you expect. We know how important your equipment is to you and we care for it as if it were our own.

When opening new markets and hiring new technicians, Edge looks for ways to add to our value to the customer. We support many regional and national organizations with sites in many markets. Expanding our support network with the goal of a national footprint is our premier focus.

Selecting the right team is an essential part of building an organization. In addition to hiring customer-focused technicians, we get excited when a new team member brings a new skillset that we can share with the rest of our technicians. Recent hires have brought imaging and dental experience, which are two areas customers are constantly requesting assistance.

Matthew Spencer


Matt Spencer, President Edge Biomedical

We started Edge Biomedical to provide superior equipment maintenance and service to what we viewed as an important, yet orphaned, vertical in medical care. While most hospitals can rely on an in-house biomed department, other medical facilities deserve the same level of attention and expertise. More Info

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