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At Edge Biomedical, we believe that your facility’s equipment and staff require high-level tracking and organization that allows you to provide the highest standard of patient care. In addition to ensuring you remain compliant with regulations and inspections, we know how imperative it is for your equipment to work flawlessly for as long as necessary, and to have your people operating as efficiently as possible. Edge Biomedical is driven to serve these needs by investing in our employees’ education and developing advanced management tools, like eBioTrack. Healthcare is personal. So are our solutions.

Edge’s asset management system, eBioTrack, provides the much needed structure, efficiency, and compliance for healthcare providers like you. We inventory and maintain your medical equipment while tracking staff responsibilities like vaccine schedules, daily tasks, and certifications. Edge’s factory-trained employee technicians perform all required annual safety inspections and repairs to increase the performance and life of your equipment.

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“For years we have used binders and spreadsheets to keep up with our employees vaccines and certifications. This software makes my job so much easier.”

– E. Williams

1200Edge Biomedical Now Managing Over 40,000 Pieces of Equipment at 1200+ Customer Sites and Growing

“Timely and economical maintenance activities maximize the value of health technology resources, which is especially important when resources are limited. Using the correct and appropriate procedures for equipment maintenance can make the difference between having reliable and properly functioning equipment and not.”

– World Health Organization’s Medical Maintenance Program Overview


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For Service Call: 1-888-841-5155